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Empowering Code Enforcement Officers AI Innovations and Future Tools

In this one-hour class, code enforcement officers will explore the transformative potential of AI innovations in enhancing their roles and responsibilities. With a focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology for smarter urban planning and community development, participants will gain insights into the pivotal role AI plays in ensuring the vitality and sustainability of the communities we serve..

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The Code Enforcement Chapter of Code Enforcement (CECOC) is the first Code Enforcement Chapter in California. We, in Orange County, CA are proud to join a premier organization such as the International Code Council and the other 29 California Chapters of Building Inspectors, Building Officials, Permit Technicians, Fire Inspectors, Engineers, and so many other professions that serve our public .

In the coming weeks the chapter will be applying for a preferred provider status to offer innovative courses to enhance our professional knowledge. By partnering with ICC we look forward to utilizing their available resources and commit to our chapter that we will proudly represent them in a professional manner and provide the best available training.

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Why is Code Enforcement Important?

Our Mission

To provide a clean and safe environment that you can live, work, and play by using  specialized skill sets taught by seasoned Code Enforcement professionals and industry experts.