2019 CECOC Board of Directors


Carlos Yado


City  of San Juan Capistrano

Building Department

Code Enforcement Manager / Chief Building Official

Email: CYado@SanJuanCapistrano.org

Phone: (949) 234-4568


Janell Dekowski


City of La Habra

Community Development Department

Code Enforcement Manager

Email: jdekowski@lahabraca.gov

Phone: 562-383-4134






Pete Roque


City of Garden Grove

Community and Economic Development Department

Code Enforcement Supervisor

Email: peter@ggcity.org

Phone: (714) 741-5351  

Left to Right: Vice-President Janell Dekowski, President Carlos Yado, Treasurer Al Brady, Secretary Pete Roque

Officer Duties

Chapter Officers must conduct the chapter in accordance with the ICC Bylaws and the chapter’s constitution.There is often a natural progression in the chapter leader positions. Usually, the secretary/treasurer eventually becomes the vice president, then the president of the organization. It is extremely important that the chapter leader becomes familiar with all of the chapter officer’s duties, functions and unique stresses of the different officer positions.






President - The chapter president is the general manager of all parts of the chapter in reaching the Chapter’s goals. It is the president’s duty to appoint appropriate people to committees. The Chapter president oversees each project to guide all parts of the chapter in the same direction and must be able to manage many different tasks effectively and efficiently.


The president should not simultaneously hold the office of treasurer. Appropriate checks and balances require that the decision-maker is not also handling the money for an organization.


The president facilitates, but the board decides what objectives the chapter must accomplish (e.g., educational, fundraising). The president must anticipate problems with accomplishing those goals and be prepared to circumvent potential problems. Duties include:

• Making decisions

  - Establish objectives

  - Define tasks

  - Set deadlines

  - Follow up/Evaluations

• Setting priorities, considering establishing objectives and priorities

• Delegating workload


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Vice - President

The vice president should assume the duties of the president in the absence of the president or in case of an emergency. The vice president should also assist the president in the conduct of the office of president. The vice president should have similar qualifications to that of the president.


Secretary / Treasurer

Secretary/Treasurer – The secretary keeps accurate minutes and records in a meeting and maintains correspondence. The treasurer receives and controls the funds and supervises financial affairs in general. In some chapters,the office of secretary/treasurer is held by the same individual, while other chapters separate the two offices.